Financial Obligation Policy

St. Rose of Lima School

Financial Obligations Policy

St. Rose of Lima School operates financially from tuition receipts, fundraising activities, and parish subsidy.  Therefore, to enable expenses to be met, each family must meet its financial obligation with the timely payment of tuition, the support of our fundraising events, and the participation in parish offertory.


Tuition is managed through FACTS Tuition Management Company.  Tuition may be paid with a one-time payment in August or on a monthly basis.  Payment is made as an automatic deduction from your bank account. Past payment history will be taken into account when approving payment plans.  Payments are due as per the payment method selection you make with FACTS.  Students will not be permitted to begin school in September unless the first tuition payment is made.

The Terms and Conditions of your payment arrangement are stated on the FACTS Tuition Payment Agreement form that you complete.  This includes information about due dates, late payments, late fees, insufficient funds charges and returned payment fees. 

Delinquency over 50 days will result in full payment being requested, or those in arrears will be asked to remove their child(ren) from school until payment is made.  Repeat delinquency will result in the remainder of the year’s tuition being paid upfront and the following year’s tuition paid in two half-year payments.


Proceeds from our fundraising contribute to the operating budget of the school and directly impact tuition rates.  Therefore, each family is obligated to participate in the following fundraisers each year:

Family Festival:  The Family Festival is our largest fundraiser.  It is held over two weekends in mid-July, for a total of eight nights.  Dates of the Festival are provided to all school families at the start of school in September or earlier.

Each family is required to work three time slots for this event.   Anyone who does not meet this commitment–or anyone who proactively opts to pay in lieu of service–will be charged $200 per slot, or a total of $600, payable by the start of school in September.  Further terms and conditions of this obligation apply, and they will be outlined in volunteer information sent to you prior to the Festival.

While we welcome volunteers from families of all grade levels, the obligation to work the Family Festival does not apply to Preschool families, families starting Kindergarten, or newly registered students for Gr. 1 - 8.  The summer following your first Kindergarten - 7th school year is your first obligatory Family Festival.

SCRIP:  This “effortless fundraising” program facilitates your purchasing face-value gift/shopping cards from local stores and supermarkets, whereby a percentage (5-10%) of your spending goes back to the school.  Each family must buy a total of $1,450 in SCRIP over the 10-month school year.  (Keep in mind that this is not an incremental expense but, rather, money you are already spending on groceries or other necessities each month.)  In lieu of participation, a one-time “buyout” payment option of $125 is available, with payment due no later than October 1st.  Failure to meet your SCRIP obligation will result in the late buyout charge of $300, being added to your tuition.


As members of the St. Rose parish family, school families must contribute a minimum of $450 annually through the use of the weekly offertory envelopes or automatic payment options that are available.  This is payable from July 1–May 1 and is monitored monthly.  If this minimum offertory amount is not met by the established deadline of May 1, you will be charged an out-of-parish tuition rate for the coming school year.  The out-of-parish tuition rate will be a minimum of $900 higher than your current rate, dependent upon the number of children in your family registered in the school.


There is an initial Registration Fee for new students (determined by grade; a portion is credited toward tuition); an annual Re-Enrollment Fee ($150/family); an annual Lunch Monitor Fee ($80/family); and an annual Fundraising Fee ($25/family).


As a Christian community, we are mindful that special circumstances may, at times, interfere with a family’s ability to meet their obligations.  Any family who is experiencing difficulty meeting these financial obligations is urged to contact Father Ken Zach, our pastor, or Sr. Kathleen, our principal, to confidentially discuss your situation.

Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation provides tuition assistance for Grades K-8 to those in need; for details, please visit their website at 

 FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS SUMMARY                                                   

  • Tuition
  • Fundraising:
  • SCRIP cards
  • Parish Offertory ( $450/family)   
  • Initial Registration Fee (new students)

Annual Fees:

  • Re-Enrollment Fee ($150/family)
  • Lunch Monitor Fee ($80/family)
  • Fundraising Fee ($25/family)


Rev. Kenneth Zach, Pastor
Sr. Kathleen Gallina, OP, Principal