Our Mission and Beliefs

Our Mission

As a Catholic school, St. Rose of Lima recognizes education as a life-long process.  We are committed to developing the spiritual and moral,intellectual, social, physical, and emotional dimensions of every child.  Acknowledging that each student is a child of God, we strive to motivate him/her to embrace God’s message and to achieve academic excellence within a secure and safe climate.  Administration, faculty,and staff, together with parents and guardians, serve as role models to bring students to their full potential.  We are dedicated to creating Christ-centered environment for the children of those families who seek quality Catholic education.  This mission will manifest itself as our students make positive contributions to our world.

Our Beliefs

We believe:

  • by teaching our students to respect and accept the uniqueness of each person, they will deepen their understanding that every individual is created in the image and likeness of God.
  • by modeling Gospel values and providing extensive religious instruction, our students’ faith will be lived and shared. They will develop an awareness, appreciation and acceptance of cultural, familial, and religious diversity. 
  • by encouraging students to develop their God-given gifts and talents, they will give generously of themselves through service to others.
  • by providing a nurturing and challenging environment, each child has the ability to learn.
  • by adhering to the Common Core standards of the State of NY and the Diocese of Rockville Centre, our students are provided with the necessary framework for academic success and college and career readiness. 
  • by challenging students through inter-disciplinary approaches, they will become life-long, independent, critical thinkers.
  • by collaborating with all stakeholders, our students will grow in a safe, peaceful environment, that meets the spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and emotional needs of each child. 
  • by working in partnership with parents/guardians, our students will develop the necessary foundation for a love of learning. This partnership is essential in building a sense of self-worth and the ability to make healthy life choices. 
  • by recognizing the complexities of  technology, our students will use technology in a safe and responsible manner. 

Profile of a Graduate

What will a St. Rose of Lima School graduate look like?

 A  St. Rose of Lima School graduate will:

  • possess Christian values  which will lead them to compassionately serve others.
  • live the Gospel message by being aware of God’s loving presence in his/her life, by actively participating in the life of the Church, and by giving generously of one’s time, talent, treasure, and by valuing the doctrines and history of the Church.
  • cultivate a strong work ethic striving to reach his/her potential
  • demonstrate a proficiency in academic skills and the ability to apply critical and creative thinking to problem solving.
  • recognize the importance of physical, spiritual, emotional,  and social wellness in order to develop a productive lifestyle.
  • communicate effectively through various mediums.
  • accept a  leadership position when called upon.
  • will recognize the complexities of technology and therefore use it in a responsible manner.