Weekly Subject and Test Information
Week of Jan. 21-15

 We review the sacrament of Reconciliation in preparation for a test. We reflect on the meaning of the prayer of sorrow. 


Phonics/Spelling- Long i words, i,ie,igh, y unit 3 Week 4 Rosa and Blanca- class page.doc

The focus is on sequencing and cause and effect.
LA-  We continue to focus on present, past, and future verbs and continue the study of the friendly letter.

-   Chapter 5- Place Value to 1,000.  We continue with relating a number in hundreds, tens, and one. We identify and use words, models and expanded form to represent numbers to 999. We conclude this chapter this week.

- We begin the study of matter, describing matter and its forms.

Social Studies-

Scheduled Tests for this Week 

 Test on Reconciliation- Date to be determined.- Chapter 11 and 12. Students must know all the vocabulary words, and the parts of Reconciliation.

Spelling-   Quiz on  Compound Words Unit 3 Week 3 Spelling Sheet for Class Page.doc
and Long I words. (see list above)
Reading-  Weekly quiz on Rosa and Blanca


Math-  Test on Chapter 5- date to be determined. 


Social Studies-