Mrs. Bingham


‚ÄčMrs. Elizabeth Bingham
7th and 8th Grade Math
7th Grade Religion


Welcome to my class page.  Please be sure to read the announcements and resources as well as the Middle School calendar.  

Junior High is a time of developing grit, independence, and responsibility. Homework is assigned on a DAILY BASIS.

Math, in grade 7 and 8, will consist of varying topics which are applied to real world learning and aligned to the Common Core Standards of NYS.  Students will be required to view videos as these classes have a flipped element to them.  Grades are not limited to performance tasks (application), skill, classwork, homework, drills, and class participation.

In Religion, we learn about the life of Jesus and His teachings.  We then, discuss how this is applicable to the lives we live and how we can be better disciples of Christ. We study the life of three Saints; St. Francis of Assisi, St. Pope John Paul II, and St. John Bosco.

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