Welcome to first grade!  So much to look forward to!!

Please be sure to label ALL items the children bring to school.  This includes their toys, jackets, sweaters and ties!  General rule of thumb to follow:  Don't send anything in without their name on it.    

We have gym on Thursdays.  First graders MUSTwear their gym uniform UNDER their school uniform.  Please be suretheir names are inside their sweatpants and sweatshirts if there is achance they may be needing them.  

In first grade students may only bring a drink with snack on early dismissal days.  All other days they can bring snack only.  So, remember to choose something that will not make them too thirsty!

Remember, you can download the Mass Reflection sheet from the resources section of this website!

Be sure to check the weekly calendar for updates and information.

The school policy for reporting your child's absence from school is as follows:  Absences should be reported to the school nurse on the day your child is absent.  A written note of excuse should be forwarded on the day your child returns.  Both forms of notification are required.  If you would like your child's work for the day to be prepared that request must be called into the office NOT the nurse.  Work is usually sent down to the main hall desk by 2:10. 

You may find more detailed information concerning common core on the Saint Rose of Lima Home Page.