Mrs. Maria Conte

I feel blessed to have been welcomed to the St. Rose of Lima community and am looking forward to getting to know all my students and their families.  I have taught for 9 years at St. Thomas the Apostle school in West Hempstead.  I taught various subjects for middle school students as well as being involved in many extracurricular activities.  Learning is a lifelong skill that needs to be developed for all students. My goal is to guide students on how to be in control of their own learning so that these important skills will follow them throughout their lives. I look forward to an exciting year at St. Rose of Lima School.


Teaching is a Lifelong Journey

To teach is to touch the lives of many

and to help us learn life's lessons.

But to teach well is to make a difference

in all the lives you touch.

To teach is to be a parent, nurse, friend

and confidant;

to be a supporter, a leader and a motivator.

But to teach well

is to be all of these things,

yet not lose sight of who you are.

You share a part of yourself

with all whose lives

you have touched.

To teach is to be tender,

loving, strong and giving

to all who rely upon you;

to encourage and praise.

But to teach well is to believe in what

and whom you teach.

A teacher comes to master

these many jobs

throughout the years.

But to those who teach well

recognize that there

will always be more

to learn in life's journey,

and they never hesitate

to strive to learn it.

Donna Bulger