5th Grade Photos

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5th Grade Terrariums
Uploaded: 11 May, 2016
by: mconte5641
Description: Mr. Torgesen Helped 5th Grade Learn More About Ecosystems! To prepare for this lesson...
Sailing Abort the Yankee III with 5th Grade
Uploaded: 03 October, 2016
by: mconte5641
Description: The fifth grade sailed aboard the Yankee III.  During the 3 hour journey they learned...
Geometry and Volume
Uploaded: 05 October, 2016
by: chalpin5641
Description: Students used centimeter cubes to find the volume of a rectangular prism.
The Rosary
Uploaded: 06 October, 2016
by: chalpin5641
Description: Fifth grade will be learning about and praying the Rosary throughout October.
Students Create Experiments Using the Scientific Method
Uploaded: 19 December, 2016
by: mconte5641