Mrs. Denise Smith


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 Welcome to K-103

Gym clothes should not be worn next Tuesday, Dec.19 as gym will be in the classroom due to the Winter concert. Pizza will not be sold, so remember your lunch.

We are in need of paper towel or toilet rolls for a Christmas project. Please send in as soon as possible.

This month in K-103

ELA: The children are learning the short vowel sound of a as in apple and the short vowel sound of i as in igloo. We are starting to blend letters together to read words. Please review reading sheets sent home. The more your child reads these stories and sentences, the more fluent readers they will become. Comprehension is increased when a child reads fluently.

MATH:  Chapter 5 teaches the children how to add objects.  The children will learn how to join groups using symbols such as a plus + sign and an equal = sign.

RELIGION: We will be saying "Grace" and the Hail Mary and the Lord's Prayer before snack and lunch. We will be learning about Advent.this month. The children will bring home a picture of the Advent wreath. "Light" a candle each week till Christmas.
Bishop Barres visited our classroom today. Ask your child what Bishop Barres taught them.

SOCIAL STUDIES & SCIENCE: In December, we will be learning about hibernation, winter holidays and Christmas.

Parents can get in touch with me by email. My email is: