Mrs. Denise Smith


                      Welcome to K-103

Instead of asking your child, "how was your day?  Ask:
What is something that made you laugh today?
What did you play at recess?
What special class did you have today?
How did you help someone today?
How did someone help you today?
Did anything make you worry today?           
What is something you learned today that you could explain to me?
If you could be the teacher tomorrow, what woud you do?

Don't forget Individual School pictures will be taken on Friday. Your child may wear the school uniform or dress clothes. No jeans or sneakers!
This month in K-103
ELA: We are starting to focus on one letter and its letter sound.  Have your child practice writing the letters Mm correctly. This week the letter sound is /m/ as in mom. Your child should be able to identify words that begin and end with the letter m. Practice reading sight words that have been introduced. Have your child  rhyme words with "am".
MATH: Use the Math website to reinforce concepts taught in school. We have begun Chapter 2 which is numbers 6-10. Children should be practicing how to write numbers correctly.
RELIGION: We will be saying "Grace" before snack and lunch. We have been learning about the wonderful gifts God has given us. We have been watching some of the great videos on 

OCIAL STUDIES & SCIENCE: This month focuses on Community Workers, Safety, Fall and Halloween.

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