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 Welcome to K-103

This month in K-103

ELA: The childrenhave learned the short vowel sounds of /a/, /i/, /o/, and /e/.  These can be confusing. Daily review is urged. We are blending letters together to read words and short sentences.Please review reading sheets sent home. The more your child reads these stories and sentences, the more fluent readers they will become. Comprehension is increased when a child reads fluently.

MATH:  Chapter 7 focuses on composing and decomposing numbers to 19 as a group of ten and some more. Have your child play Math games and use numbers.

RELIGION: We continue to say the Hail Mary, the Our Father and the Glory Be as well as Grace. These are prayers your child should be able to recite. We are learning how our families and friends teach us about God.

: February lessons will be geared to Valentine's Day, dental health and our presidents and our responsibilities as citizens of the United States.

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