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Fr. Tim

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 Welcome to K-103

This month in K-103

Remember to bring your lunch on Friday. No pizza will be served.

ELA:   As our school year draws to a close, it is important for children to review skills learned over the summer months. Please  have your child read daily and write in their journal. The children should be able to easily sound out cvc words. We introduced long vowel sounds in silent e words . Use stories that were sent home over the year for daily reading. The more your child reads, the more fluent they will become. A fluent reader will have an easier time comprehending the material.

MATH:   We have finished the Math book and will review and spend the remaining weeks on addition and subtraction. Practice these skills over the summer.

RELIGION: We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with Fr. Tim in the church. Father showed the children vestments and other sacred objects used in Mass.Check out the pictures.

SOCIAL STUDIES & SCIENCE: We will be learning about the Spring season and the weather and plant changes. We will also be learning about life cycles of animals and plants.

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