Mrs. Denise Smith

Time to say farewell to K-103

graduation kids
To all my students,
Do you remember when you first walked into K-103 way back in September? I know some of you were nervous, some were scared and some of you were very excited about being in school all day. Well you accomplished a lot in these ten months ! You made new friends, learned a lot of new things and grew up in so many ways. I've enjoyed watching you grow into the person you are today. You're ready for first grade! Remember to read and write in your journal, draw pictures of all you experience in God's world  and work out some Math problems. I'll look forward to seeing you in September and will bring you to your new class. I will miss you over the summer and will think of you often. Be good, be safe, be happy!
Love Mrs.Smith

To all my students' parents,
Thank you for your support and trust in me this school year!
 I appreciate all your efforts in joining with me to make this year a great start for your child!
Wishing you a relaxing and happy summer!
Love, Mrs.Smith




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