Mrs. Mary Beier

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Wow, can you believe June is here!!!  The children have been very busy reviewing all the basic skills they have learned this year in preparation for first grade.  Please continue to review popcorn words, read the word families booklets and stories that were sent home weekly for HW. Please continue to write in your journal over the summer.  Let me know how your sunflowers are growing.  Tell me where you have gone and what you have been doing over the summer. Don't forget to bring your journal on the first day back to school with all your journal entries.


On Thursday, June 13th, graduation will start at 9:00 A.M. and will

last about one hour.  There will be refreshment after the ceremony. 

Please be sure your child wears their dress-up cloths and girls shouldn't

wear high pony tails in their hair because it will interfere with their

caps. The children will also be wearing graduation gowns as well.


 During the month of June, you must provide lunch for your children on all days through Thursday, June 13 when are in session for full days except

Tuesday, June 4 –if you ordered ALL AMERICAN

Wednesday, June 5-   11:30 dismissal

Tuesday, June 10 – if you previously ordered pizza


I would like to thank Mrs. Kennelly and Mrs. Ketterer, our class mother’s

for all that they  have done for the children and me.  They worked very

hard on all our celebrations and graduation set up.  Thank you also to all

our parent volunteers and chaperones who accompanied us on class

trips.  Your help was very much appreciated.


   There's Always Something Fun and Educational To Do!

Sign up at the Library. Read, Read, Read!!!



Write in your journal. Describe and draw your favorite animal.



How did you celebrate the 4th of July.

Draw and write3 sentences about the

fireworks you saw.


Practice your sight words daily. How many

do you know? Write 5 of them in sentences.

Remember spacing and capitals & periods.


Go outside and write a list of all the

yellow things you can find.


Write a story about your pet or a pet you would like to have.***********************

Find an object in your house that begins

with each letter of the alphabet.


Use only the letters in your first name to

write as many words asyou can.


Writewords belonging to the at, it, et,

ot, ut family. Read them to someone.


Imagine the perfect ice-cream sundae.

What would it be on?What flavor would you

choose? Journal entry!


Go outside. Find 4 things: something

smooth, something rough, something

soft, something hard.


Write and count the numbers from 1 to

100.Count and write numbers by 2's, 5's

and 10's to 100.


Write the vowels on a sheet of paper.

Think of a word for each vowel sound.


Estimate how many chairs are in your

house. Count them and see how close

you were. Record your results.


Make little signs to name things in your

room. Put them up in your room.


Use cereal or other small items. Make an ABC pattern. Draw it. Then make an AABB pattern.


Write an addition and subtraction story and

draw about it. Write the number sentences.


Think about your 5 senses. Use magazines to make a display of things you like to smell, hear, taste, touch and see.


Buy a pack of regular Skittles. Sort them

by color. Make a graph of your results.

Then use tally marks. Remember to

cross on five.


Write and draw about theyour summer adventures?



                     Summer Books

A Fourth of July on the Plains,Jean Van Leeuween
A Summer Day,Douglas Florian
A Summer in the South,James Marshall
A Summertime Song,Irene Haas
Camp Granada,Frane Lessac
County Fair, Laura Ingalls Wilder
County Fair, Raymond Bial
Fireflies at Midnight,Marilyn Singer
From the Bellybutton of the Moon and other summer poems,Francisco X. Alarcn
Happy Birthday, America,Mary Pope Osborne
It's Summertime!, Elaine W. Good
Lucy's Summer,Donald Hall
One Hot Summer Day,Nina Crews
Summer,June Factor
Ten Flashing Fireflies,Philemon Sturges
The Summer of the Monkeys,Wilson Rawls~ Lighthouses ~Abbie Against the Storm,Marcia Vaughn
Beacons of Light: Lighthouse,Gail Gibbons
Birdie's Lighthouse,Deborah Hopkinson
Keeper of the Light,Patricia Curtis Pfitsch
Kinnakeet and the Lighthouse,Jon Fripp
Lighthouse Dog to the Rescue,Angeli Perrow
Little Toot and the Lighthouse,Linda Gramatky-Smith
One Lighthouse, One Moon,Anita Lobel
Searching the Lights,Margie Willis Clary
The Berenstain Bears and the Haunted Lighthouse,Stan Berenstain
The Light at Tern Rock,Julia L. Sauer
The Lighthouse Children,Syd Hoff
The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge,Hildegarde Swift