Mrs. Mary Beier

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Once again it's time for Santa, Rudolph, candy canes, gift-getting, great kitchen smells, and renewed family traditions. But for many of us, remembering the first Christmas is most important. Traditional or Religious, the Christmas Season is here at last - let's be happy for our blessings and very generous to those who have less. 

I would like to thank our class mothers and parents for a wonderful Thanksgiving Sharing. Thank you for your contributions to our feast. 

The kindergarten children are anxiously awaiting Christmas! They are learning about Advent and look forward to lighting a candle each week. Our classroom is as busy as Santa's workshop. Don't forget to take a link off your Christmas countdown chain every night before you say your prayers and go to bed. Count down the days before Jesus' birthday!

***Don’t forget to check out our PHOTOS link on this web page! Enjoy seeing all the awesome things going on in our classroom :-))

*** IMPORTANT DATES: 11:20 Dismissal on Wednesday, December 12 and Thursday, December 13th for Parent/Teacher Conferences. On Friday, December 15, the children will go to the North Pole Sale. Please have money in an envelope with your child's name on the front. --- We will also be attending the Advent Mass on Thursday, December 20, at 9:00 AM. Please come and join us. 

Review Needed Skills
Children should be able to identify all letter sounds. We have covered letters m ,t, a, s, p, c  and i. . We will also cover b, n  and r this month. We are learning to blend letter sounds into words and rhyming words using word families. (at, am, ap, an, im, it, ip )  Please review nightly, the word ring with popcorn words, numbers and number words, and color words that were sent home.  Continue to review beginning, middle and ending sounds (CVC words) when sounding out words.  In writing, we are using capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and punctuation at the end of a sentence.  The children are using a finger space in between words when they are writing sentences. We continue to work on matching spoken words to print.


 Give your child a word from the word families and have them write all the words they can make using the two letters. Play rhyming games or I Spy games with them. Help your child everyday to connect letters and sounds by making sure that he or she has plenty of easy books for reading practice to build vocabulary. 

 Math: We have started Chapter 4, Composing and Decomposing Numbers to 10.  We will be learning how to join an amount of objects in two groups to make a number from 4 to 10.  Than the children will write the numbers that represents those two groups. The children will also be learning to take apart two groups of objects from a given number of objects from 4 to 10. They will then write the numbers that represent those two groups.  For example, ask your child to show you four socks, and add two more socks, and then tell you the addition sentence. Continue to review Math Vocabulary. Please continue to review calendar math, 1-to-1 correspondence up to 10, and practice writing numbers 1-30. 

Our Religion unit for December discusses Advent, St. Nicholas and Christmas. Please have your child do kind deeds or give to the poor during the Advent season, as we prepare for Jesus' birthday. 

Dec. - Extra Practice Writing At Home Many of these exercises say "draw and write". Let the children experiment with writing. Any time a child places a pencil to paper it is good. If the children do any extra credit work at home, please have them bring it to school for a surprise or special recognition stickers. 

1. Write and draw 4 things that have the letter "i" in the middle position. 
2. Write and draw 4 things that start with the letter "b". 
3. Write and draw 4 things that have the letter "a" in the middle position. 
4. Write a sentence that starts with "Christmas is...". Illustrate. 
5. Finish this sentence. "If I worked with Santa, I would…….    Illustrate. 
6. Write "At Christmas, I can smell_______.(hear../taste../see../feel)and illustrate them. 
7. Write a sentence about what you would give to Jesus for Christmas. Illustrate.
8. Tell your mom or dad a sentence and watch them write it. Copy it the same as they did. 
9. Write and draw 4 words from the "it" family. 
10. Draw a picture of the Nativity scene. 
11. Finish this sentence. Christmas is a time with my family to______.Illustrate! 
12. Draw a picture that shows "20". 
13. Write a sentence that ends with an exclamation point (!). 
14. Write 4 words that rhyme with. "id". 
15. Write 4 words that rhyme with "ip". 

SECRET MESSAGE- Merry Christmas to you. Write this message on a piece of paper and bring it in for a surprise. 

Ways To Support Your Child's Learning At Home 

1. Count! Count anything! Some things that you can have your child count are: spoons, forks in the drawer, number of flowers in the garden, number of kids at the party, number of cars in line, etc.

2. Have your child count out groups of objects into little piles. (pennies, buttons, paper clips) "Can you put 15 fish crackers in your snack container for tomorrow?"

3. Play with scrabble letters or magnetic fridge letters. Think of a name, animal, plant, etc. that starts with that letter.

4. Play Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Checkers, etc.

5. Play simple card games such as Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Go Fish, etc.

6. Provide hands on experiences related to basic facts to 10. For example, "If you have two crayons and I give you two more, then how many will you have?"

7. Teach your child to dial the phone. Make a phone book of Grandma and Grandpa and Cousin Fred's phone numbers.

8. Teach your child to set the timer on the microwave.

9. Discuss the numbers on a clock and start teaching time on the hour.

10. Teach your child to do simple dot to dots. Look in coloring books for easy dot to dots.

11. Have your child memorize his/her phone number. Any phone number can be sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." 

12. Continue to provide experiences related to drawing, coloring, cutting and gluing in order to develop fine motor skills. Also, continue to provide activities to strengthen hand muscles using Legos or Playdough. 

13. Have your child do the switching of the TV channels. Use the remote control to point out the numerals and name.

14. Find numbers and letters to discuss wherever you go! Room numbers, elevator buttons, street numbers, road signs, price tags
15. Start teaching your child to write his last name and names of other family members.

~ Christmas Books ~

Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg
Santa's Book of Names by David McPhail
How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss
The Little Fir Tree by Margaret Wise Brown
The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: an Appalachian Story
by Gloria Houston, pictures by Barbara Cooney.
Christmas On Exeter Street by Diana Hendry 
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson
Santa Mouse by Michael Brown
Nate the Great and the Crunchy Christmas by Marjorie Sharmat
Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett
The Best Christmas Present of All by Linda Jennings
Mrs. Santa Claus by Penny Ives
Merry Christmas Mom and Dad by Mercer Mayer
Night Tree by Eve Bunting 
Clifford's First Christmas by Norman Bridwell
Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry
The Christmas Alphabet by Robert Sabuda
Olive, the Other Reindeer by Vivian Walsh
If You Take a Mouse to the Movies by Felicia Bond Dream Snow by Eric Carle 
Arthur's Perfect Christmas by Marc Brown 
The Legend of the Poinsettia by Tomie dePaola 
Auntie Claus by Elise Primavera 
The Legend of Old Befana : An Italian Christmas Story by Tomie De Paola
Clifford's First Christmas by Norman Bridwell 
A Charlie Brown Christmas (Peanuts) by Charles M. Schulz 
The Christmas Crocodile by Bonny Becker 
Jingle, the Christmas Clown by Tomie dePaola 
Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini
Uncle Vova's Tree by Patricia Polacco
The Friendly Beasts an old English Christmas Carol illustrations by Tomie dePaola
Athur's Christmas Cookies by Lillian Hoban