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               WELCOME TO MRS. BEIER'S     
                   KINDERGARTEN CLASS
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                                    I am so proud of your child's progress!!!
                                   Please continue to review needed skills.

Dental Health Month
Groundhog Day
Super Bowl
Presidents Day
Valentines Day

 Review Needed Skills
Children should be able to identify all letter sounds. We have covered letters m, t, a, s, p, c, i, b, n, r, d, k, f,  o, and e.  We will be covering e, h, l, and g this month. The children are blending simple words using these letters in the beginning, middle and ending positions. (The concept of consonant, vowel and consonant) The children are now able to spell dictated words. They are developing word attack skills and comprehension skills.  Please continue to practice blending letter sounds into words and using rhyming words from the word families by changing the beginning letter. (at, am, ap, an, im, it, ip, op, ot, og, et, ed, en )  Please review nightly, the word ring with popcorn words, numbers, number words and color words that were sent home. 

When writing, remember two finger spaces in between words. Use a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and punctuation at the end. Have your child practice writing letters and numbers in the proper formation.

Monday, April 8
Tuesday, April 9
Wednesday, April 10
Thursday, April 11
Monday, April 15

 Mastery of the following skills is essential to insure success for the beginning reader.

Kindergarten READING GOALS:

* Accurate recall of letter sounds with particular attention to the five short and long vowel sounds.
* Quick association of letter sound, name and formation.
* Can identify first, middle and last sounds. (s a d)
* Can read CVC words. (Consonant, vowel, consonant)
* Can write a sentence. (Start with capital letter, use spaces between words and end  
   with punctuation.)
* Can recognize and produce rhymes. (mat, sat)
* Can read all sight words.
* Smooth blending of three or more sounds without pausing between sounds.
* The ability to attack a new word by sounding it out, rather than guessing. 

***WORD FAMILIES AND RHYMING WORDSGive your child a word from the word families list and have them write all the words they can make using the two letters. Play rhyming games or I Spy games with them. Help your child everyday to connect letters and sounds by making sure that he or she has plenty of easy books for reading practice to build vocabulary.

Mastery of the following skills is essential to insure success in Math.

 Kindergarten MATH GOALS:

*Can tell which group has more or has less.
*Can count any number of objects 1-20.
*Can count to 100 by 1’s and 10’s.
*Can solve addition and subtraction problems within 20.
*Can write numbers 0-20.
*Can add more objects to make numbers 1-20 from any given number.
*Can fluently add and subtract within 10. (2+3=5, 4-1=3)
*Can identify 2D Shapes.
*Can identify 3D Shapes.

In Math, we have started Chapter 7. In this chapter, your child will learn how to compose and decompose numbers 11-19.  Students will understand the quantity of ten and the relationship it has to with other numbers. Please continue to review numbers and number words on vocabulary cards, calendar math, 1-to-1 correspondence from 0-19 and practice writing numbers 1-30

In Religion we are studying the unit on "Sharing God's Love"'. The children will learn to have a greater love for God and seek to share God's love with others through acts of kindness.  Please continue to pray the "Hail Mary, "Our Father, and "The Glory Be".
We will discuss the Feast Day of Saint Blasé.

February - Extra Practice Writing At Home
Many of these exercises say "draw and write". Let the children experiment with writing. Let them sound out words to spell. If the children do any extra credit work at home, please have them bring it to school for a surprise or special recognition stickers.


  1. Write and illustrate 2 sentences using a word from the "H" word list.
  2. Write and illustrate 2 sentences using a word from the "L" word list.
  3. Write a sentence for each word. "are" and "that".
  4. Write a sentence for each word. "from" and "here".
  5. Write and draw 4 words from the "-et" family.
  6. Write and draw 4 words from the "-ig" family.
  7. Draw and label pictures of opposites. ( tall, short)-(come, go)
  8. Write "I love____because____."
  9. Create a secret valentine for someone in class.
  10. Draw and write about someone you love.
  11. Draw a picture of 10 + 5.
  12. Draw a picture of 12 - 8.
  13. Write and draw about what you love to do.
  14. Practice writing numbers 1-20.
  15. Practice writing all the upper and lowercase letter of the alphabet.

SECRET MESSAGE- Happy Valentine's Day to You!
Write this message on a piece of paper and bring it in for a surprise.

Valentine's Day Books
The Valentine Bears ~ Eve Bunting
Mouse's First Valentine ~ Lauren Thompson
Legend of the Valentine ~ Katherine Grace Bond
Love Bugs: A Pop-Up Book ~ David Carter
Bob's Valentine Surprise ~ Kim Ostrow
Be My Valentine ~ Alison Inches
Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch ~ Eileen Spinelli
Counting Kisses ~ Karen Katz
Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink ~ Diane De Groat
The Day It Rained Hearts ~ Felicia Bond
Junie B. Jones And The Mushy Valentine ~ Barbara Park
The Runaway Valentine ~ Tina Casey
Love Is ~ Wendy Anderson z
All For Love ~ Tasha Tudor
Saint Valentine ~ Robert Sabuda
Franklin's Valentines ~ Paulette Bourgeois
Love and Kisses, Kitty : A Lift-The-Flap Valentine ~ Max Haynes
Biscuit's Valentine's Day ~ Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Valentine's Day ~ Gail Gibbons
Arthur's Valentine Countdown ~ Marc Tolon Brown
Little Mouse's Big Valentine ~ Thacher Hurd
Corduroy's Valentine Activity Book ~ Don Freeman
Froggy's First Kiss ~ Jonathan London
Valentine's Day ~ Anne Rockwell
Olive You! : And Other Valentine Knock-Knock Jokes You'll A-Door ~ Katy Hall
Valentine Mice! ~ Bethany Roberts
Valentine Cats! ~ Bethany Roberts
A Charlie Brown Valentine ~ Charles M. Shulz
Valentine's Day ~ Michelle Knudsen
The Story of Valentine's Day ~ Nancy Skarmeas
Clifford I Love You ~ Norman Bridwell
One Zillion Valentines ~ Frank Modell
Village Full of Valentines ~ James Stevenson
"Bee My Valentine" ~ Miriam Cohen
The Night Before Valentine's Day ~ Natasha Wing
Arthur's Great Big Valentine ~ Lillian Hoban
Pucker Up, Buttercup! ~ Simon Davies
Raggedy Ann's Candy Heart Wisdom : Words of Love and Friendship ~ Johnny Gruelle
Sergeant Sniff's Secret Valentine Mystery : A Sergeant Sniff Scratch-And-Sniff Mystery ~ Valerie Garfield
Four Valentines in a Rainstorm ~ Felicia Bond
Valentine ~ Carol Carrick