Learning Center
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Welcome to the Learning Center!

Students from Kindergarten through grade 5 will visit the Learning Center once a week.  They will extend what they've learned in their classrooms and apply that knowledge within project based collaborative experiences.  

This fall the 5th grade is excited to take part in the Global Read Aloud. 

The 4th graders will begin the year with creating a presentation displaying photos taken of geometry found in art, architecture and nature.  

3rd grade will participate in a holiday card exchange with students from around the globe

2nd Grade students are learning about God's Commandments and how we can be closer to God by listening to Him. 

1st Grade
  exchanged a teddy bear with another country through the Teddy Bear Project.

Kindergarten will practice early literacy skills and math skills.

The 2016-2017 school year will prove to be an exciting educational journey for both the students and myself!  Feel free to contact me should you have any questions. 

Email: mconte@stroseschool.net