Mrs. Commisso

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Welcome Back!

Weekly Schedule

Monday-  Hot Lunch and ASEP
Tuesday- Pizza-
Wednesday- Field Trip
Thursday-  Hot Lunch; Girls' Night Out
Friday-  No Pizza- remember your lunch

School Bus.png Field Trip- 

Students are to dress in their uniforms and be prepared for gym in the afternoon.  They are to bring lunch in their lunch boxes and they will eat when we return to school. 

Thank you to all parents who volunteered to chaperone for our class trip on Wednesday.  The lottery was held and the lucky winners to chaperone                               were  Mrs. Parolisi and Mr. Thielemann.  

Mr. Phillips

 A very special THANK YOU to Mr. Phillips (Marks's Dad  2-111) for visiting the second grade today to explain the important role a fire fighter provides to the community. The children learned all about fire safety, the gear and equipment a fire fighter uses, and the different activities of a fire fighter.  The children asked many interesting questions and Mr. Phillips' answers provided the children with a greater understanding of his job.    
See more pictures under class pixs tab.


       bishop barres
          Welcome Bishop Barres!
This morning before and after the 9:30 Mass, Bishop Barres greeted many people and took a picture with each one. It was so wonderful to see many of the school children
attend the Mass and welcome the Bishop.

Bishop 1Bishop 1Bishop 4Bishop 3  


          Bishop Barres  

 Check out who was lucky to meet the Bishop !       

      (Thanks Mrs. Aissa and Mrs. Teutonico for the photos) 

Thank you to all who donated items for the Faith Filled Hearts Club- "Easter Basket" project.  The completed baskets look so beautiful.  I am sure they will be a delightful treat for so many people.   Thank you for your generosity.

There is still time to contribute to the mite boxes.   Please encourage the children to earn the monies that they will share with the Missions.   Mite box money will be collected next week.  Thank you to all who give so generously to those in need. 

Readin Across America
Reading Across America
A special thank you to the Student Council Members for a wonderful day of Dr. Seuss.
Each group read a story and participated in a fun related activity.
Another fun experience at SROL!
See Class pix tab for more pics.


Learning about Energy with Mr. Torgersen
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Book Fair Picture

Book Fair Fun- see additional photos under Class pixs tab.

A fun visit from Dr. Capogna's office teaching the students about keeping keeping their teeth healthy and proper dental care.

Dentist Visit


Practicing math skills on the ipads. (See pix for more)

Doing Homework.pngStudents are responsible to complete homework each night.
Any missed homework will be reflected by a homework notice to the parent and recorded in the teacher log. Parents, please return the homework notice signed the next day. This assures me that you are aware of the missed homework and have helped your child  complete the assignment. Each child will be working toward earning a homework pass at the end of the month.


Spelling Button.pngTest folders come home every Tuesday.  

Any test taken the previous week will be sent home in the Tuesday Test Folder. 
Tests and quizzes are to be reviewed, signed by a parent, and returned to school in the Tuesday Test Folder on Wednesday morning. The teacher will retain all tests and quizzes.  Any correspondence regarding a test should be sent separately and not placed in the test folder. This helps the teacher to reply promptly.

Mail from home to school is to be placed in the Mail Folder by the parent.

 All correspondence should be place in a sealed envelope with the child's name, class, and reference to the contents clearly marked on the front of the envelope. Please inform your child that you are sending correspondence to school. 


  Teacher Contact Information may be found under the Resources Tab.

Sandwiches.pngPlease remember to pack your child's snack separately from their lunch. There is no drink with snack.

Backpack.png Parents- please label all items that your child brings to school.- clothing, books, backpack, lunch box, and all other items. This helps to identify the owner if an item is misplaced. 

Hand Writing With Pen.pngReminder: A change of your child's usual dismissal procedure requires a signed note from a parent or guardian. Oral instructions from the student cannot be accepted. 


The weather changes from day to day. Please send your child to school with proper attire for an outdoor recess.  The classroom windows are opened daily, even on cold days, to prevent the spread of germs. Students may wear the navy blue school sweater in the classroom if they are cold. The school sweatshirt/sweatpants may only be worn for gym and recess.
Nurse.png A written note is required by NY State following your child's absence, even if you report the absence to the school nurse. Please call the main office by 9:30 am if you wish your child's work for the day to be prepared and ready for a 2:30 pick-up.

 Milk.png Students may purchase 1% milk for the year.  The annual cost is $50.

Grapes.pngSnacks: Each child is asked to bring 1 healthy snack each day. No drinks please.

Hat And Horn.png     April  Birthdays: