Weekly Subject and Test Information
Week of 2-13-17 to 2-17-17

Religion-We begin the study of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  The Mass will be our primary focus for the next few months. 
Vowels patterns, oo and u as in full.  Unit 3 Test on Friday,  Monday Feb. 13 due to snow day. See info below.
Reading-Skills include sequencing and review of fact and opinion
Grammar- Review of verbs from unit 3; (see info below) adjectives continue with adjectives for number, size and shape..
Math- We continue with addition with regrouping. Chapter 4 test info below.  Children received a list of subtraction facts- please help them study them for speed tests which will next week. 
We continue the study of sound energy. Test on Sound Energy after the winter break.- 

Social Studies-  We begin the study of America's symbols.


Schedule Tests for this Week-    
Math- Test on Chapter 4, Thursday, Feb. 16th.
Weekly- ELA test   
Spelling- Unit 3 Spelling test on Monday., Feb. 13th. Unit 3 - 5 week spelling sheet.doc
 Two week test of Unit 4 words on Fri. 2/17-Unit 4 Week 1- Spelling Class Page- A Froggy Fable.docx and Unit 4 Week 2- Spelling Class page.docx
Grammar- Unannounced quiz on verbs will be given the week of 2/13. Please study info in unit 3 and see review packet that will come home on Monday, 2/13.
- . Study all pages previously brought home or review using online access.

(Please note that reading sheets from Readers & Writers Notebook will be coming home as we complete them. They should be used for a review for the weekly tests. In addition- all activity sheets sent home for Homework or completed in class can be used for review.)
Science- Test on Sound energy- February 28, Study pages 392-409,  plus dittos      
Social Studies