Weekly Subject and Test Information
Week of 3-20-17 to 3-24-17

Religion-We continue of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, with the study of the Liturgy of the Word.  See test info below.
 Test info below.
Phonics/Spelling- Review of all phonics and spelling skills in unit 4;  - See info about Unit Spelling Test below.

Reading-Review of all skills in Unit 4. 
Grammar- Review of Adjectives and 
Math-  We continue chapter 5 - Subtraction with regouping. Children received a list of subtraction facts- please help them study them for speed tests. Test info below.
- We continue the study of heat and light.

Social Studies-  We conclude the study of America's symbols. See test info below.


Schedule Tests for this Week-    
Religion- April 6-Test on Introductory Rite of Mass- Chapter 15+ 16, pages 172-179+ 183-192 and papers with the different items used at Mass.
Math- Math Test on Chapter 5- Tuesday, April 4th, Study pages 229-276


Weekly-  ELA Unit 4 Test on Fri., March 31.  Review all skills covered in the Unit.

Spelling- Unit 4 Spelling Test-Thursday, March 30 Unit 4 Spelling Sheet- 5 Weeks of Words.docx.

- . Study all pages previously brought home or review using online access.

(Please note that reading sheets from Readers & Writers Notebook will be coming home as we complete them. They should be used for a review for the weekly tests. In addition- all activity sheets sent home for Homework or completed in class can be used for review.)
Social Studies
- Test on Unit 3- Lessons 3 and 4- Thurs.,  March 21st. Study pages 136-147.