Weekly Subject and Test Information

Week of 10-16-17 to 10-20-17   

Religion- In honor of Our Blessed Mother, (our Saint to study for this year) and Our Lady of the Rosary, we will gather a deeper understanding of Our Blessed Mother, as well as learn all about her and how to pray her special prayer- The Rosary. Students are asked to bring a rosary to school this week if possible.  Please do not have students bring a "cherished rosary" with them.
 Review of all skills studied in Unit 1. 
Phonics/Spelling-  Unit Test on ALL words  will be given Tuesday, Oct. 24th Unit 1 Week 6 - 5 Week Spelling Sheet.docx
GrammarThe children will review- subject/predicate, review sheets were given. An unannounced quiz will be forthcoming. 
Math- The children will review the concept of counting on in addition.  The use of doubles and near doubles (6+7=). Review sheets will be given. Speed tests will begin next week.  We will move to "make a ten to add".Chapter 1 Lesson 4 Make a Ten.docx
- We conclude the study of space. See test info below.

Social Studies- We continue our study of continents and oceans using our map skills. 


Schedule Tests for this Week-    
ELA-  Test on Unit 1- Friday, Oct. 20. Review all skills covered in Unit 1. WB pages 1-60. Stories read in text book will not be included in test.

Spelling-  Spelling Unit Test- Tuesday, Oct. 24. See words above.
Reading-No test this week.
Grammar- Unannounced quiz on subject and predicate.
Science-Science Test on Solar System, Earth’s Rotation,Day and Night, changes in shadows.Study pages 254-263 in text.   Tuesday 10/17.
Social StudiesMap Skills Test- 10/26 Study pages 30-41