Weekly Subject and Test Information
Week of September 24-28

 We conclude our study Holy Family and Jesus as a small child and focus on the calling of the apostles, and the presence of the Holy Spirit.
-  Story of the Week- Henry and Mudge

Phonics/Spelling- Consonant Blends Unit 1 Week 3 - Henry and Mudge Class Page Copy.doc
 Language- Predicate of a Sentence
Math-  We continue with Chapter 1- Addition Properties.  Making a ten to add, problem solving and adding and subtracting basic numbers. Knowledge of the ten facts; doubles, and doubles + 1 (near doubles) is very important. The students will receive a sheet to study these facts in preparation for speed tests. 
Science- We begin with the solar system.
Social Studies- Test on Tuesday.

Schedule Tests for this Week 

‚Äč Test on Chapter 1- Friday –Sept. 28   Study p.19-29. Students should know the meaning of the vocab words, and be able to write in the missing words for the Sign of the Cross.

Spelling-  Spelling quiz on all words for this week.
ReadingStory quiz on Friday.
Social StudiesTest on Types of Communities- Unit 1 Lessons 1-3 p.36-39; 44-49;
Tues. Sept. 25. Know vocabulary- the characteristics of a rural, urban, and suburban community. Know how NY has changed over time.