Weekly Subject and Test Information
Week of 12-11-17 to 12-15-17   

Religion- We begin preparing for receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation with understanding the 10 Commandments.
 We finish a review of all the skills learning in Unit 2. See Test info below. 
Phonics/SpellingLong e vowel patterns e, ee, ea, y Unit 3 Week 1 - Spelling- class page.docx
Reading- Author's Purpose; Plot and Theme
Language-  Review Packet of Nouns will be practiced this week.  We begin the study of verbs. 
Math- We continue Chapter 3 - Adding two digit numbers. We focus on regrouping numbers when the ones digit is greater than 10. We move onto addition 2 and 3- 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping.
- We begin the study of the water cycle.

Social Studies- 


Schedule Tests for this Week  
ELA-  Unit Assessment for Unit 2 will take place on 12/14. Review skills covered on pages 97-162.  Stories in the reader will not be  assessed.

Spelling-  All the words in Unit 2 will be assessed on Tuesday, 12/12.Unit 2 Week 6 Spelling Review Sheet all Words in Unit.docx
Grammar- â€‹Unannounced quiz on nouns will be given prior to the Christmas break.
Social Studies