Weekly Subject and Test Information
Week of 2-12-18 to 2-16-18   

Religion-We continue the study of the Eucharist
 Unit 3  test  on Tuesday, Feb. 13
Phonics/Spelling- Final syllable - le Unit 4 Week 1- Spelling Class Page- A Froggy Fable.docx
Reading- Drawing conclusion; Using background knowledge; review of characters, setting, plot
Math-  We continue the study of Numbers to 1,000. Read, write number words to 1000; skip counting by 5 , 10 , 100 in hundreds numbers; and comparing numbers.  See test info below about Chapter 5 Math Test. 
- We continue the study of sound. See Test information below.

Social Studies- 


Schedule Tests for this Week  
Math- Chapter 5 Math Test-  Tues., Mar. 6th
ELA-  Unit 3 Test on  Tuesday, 2/13

Spelling-  Unit Test on Thurs., 2/15 Unit 3 - 5 week spelling sheet.doc
Grammar- Unannounced quiz on verbs this week. See verb review packet 
Science- Test on Sound Energy,  Thurs., Mar.  1 Study pages 392-409,  plus dittos      
Social Studies