Seventh Grade Homework
March 24

Math p. 284-86
Religion due Monday

March 23, 2017
Religion  Visions due Monday on GOSPEL talk questions
Religion test on Session 12 and 15, Fr. Ken notes on Lent, Greatest Story Ever Told  up to Lazarus' rising   Wednesday, March 29th      Study guides and Fr. Ken notes below:

    Religion Guides
Fr Ken notes on Lent.
Session 15 Lent
Session 12
Session 11 Study Guide
Session 10 Study Guide
Session 9 Study Guide for Religion

Videos in Math:
integer 1
integers 3

Simple and Compound Interest
Percent Video of Nov 22
rea of Circle

classify angles
Complementary and Supplementary Angles
  One Step Equations
Compare and order decimals
Area and Volume Review

Area of Circles

Percent change/error
constant rate of change power point
constant rate of change  
Proportion Word Problems
Dimensional Analysis
Complex Fractions
Scale Drawings
Classifying Triangles

Video Resources:    Religion

Mass Reflection Sheet:
Religion Reflection for Mass Revised.
Image of God Rubric.
Study guide 2
Session 12 Guide for Test
Study Guide for UNIT 2 --Religion
Finding God Session 7 Study Guide