Ms. Watkins

Ms. Watkins

Plain Pumpkin.png  Announcements!  Plain Pumpkin.png

  • Happy October! Students should all be wearing FULL UNIFORM from this point forward.  For girls that is their tie, and for boys that is vests and ties. Girls may wear a navy blue sweater over their uniform for the cooler months!  
  • This week students will continue taking IOWA exams.  Please come prepared with sharpened pencils each day.
  • We are about midway through the trimester.  Please be sure you have check the Parent Portal to keep up-to-date with your child's grades!
  • Next Monday and Tuesday there will be a change in dismissal procedures due to Confirmation.  We anticipate a very crowded parking lot.  Please refer to the handouts that went home in Youngest and Only last week and this week which highlights the slightly adjusted timing for dismissal for bus student and walkers and identifies the procedures for those who pick students up by car. 
  • The Halloween raffle is underway.  $1 a chance!
  • This Friday the Student Council will be sponsoring "Be Bright for Light the Night" in support of the Leukemia Lymphoma walk they will be participating in this weekend.  For a minimum $1 donation, students may wear neon trimmings to support that amazing cause! (no face paint or hair dye of any kind may be worn)

  • Having trouble using the online Science textbook?  Go to the "Online Textbooks" tab on the left for some helpful information.


  • ¤ Special schedule:  

  Monday - Computer and Library
  Tuesday - Spanish
  Wednesday - Gym and Spanish
  Thursday - Music and Art