English Language Arts Announcements

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  Sixth Grade Language Arts!

In ELA, we will use our grammar book to guide students in their writing journey this year. We will learn and practice grammar skills, such as parts of speech, punctuation, and types of sentences, and then apply them to different styles of writing.


We will complete 4 novel studies this year. We will be using the books to develop understanding of literary skills and build vocabulary. We will also be working with short stories, poems, and non-fiction articles to practice reading and analyzing content and style to prepare for the NYS test in the spring. We will be using our Vocabulary Workshop book to build vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

 We really are world travellers in 6th grade! We started in Texas with Holes, jumped across the pond to England in A Christmas Carol, headed south to Africa with Just-So Stories, then ended up in California in The Egypt Game, and now we find ourselves in the dystopian communities of The Giver!
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