Mrs. Brady

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  Brady Bunch
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Dress Down - Friday, February 16th

Have A Great Week Off !!!!!!

This year we will be studying the life of three saints
St. Paul
St Katherine Drexel
St. Peter Claver



                                                    2nd Trimester Schedule

February 27 th- Religion
February 28th  -  ELA
 March 2nd           - Math

                         What to Study

Religion -  Chapter 4 – The Church Begins
                     Chapters 6, 7, 13, 20, 27 - Liturgical Year
                     Chapter 8 - 4 Marks of the Church

Math  -   Chapter 2 - Addition
                                       Properties of Addition
                                        Mental Math
                                        Adding three and four digit numbers
                  Chapter 3 - Subtraction
                                         Mental Math
                                         Subtracting 3 and 4 digit numbers
                  Chapter 4 – Multiplication
                                         Repeated Addition
                                         Multiply with Arrays 
                                       Commutative Property of Multiplication
                                         Multiply with Tables and Tree Diagrams

   ELA -    Common and Proper Nouns       linking verbs                 
               Plural Nouns                            Irregular Plural Nouns
               Singular Possessive Nouns        Plural Possessive Nouns

                                         Reading Comprehension         
                                       Writer’s Response to Reading