Mrs. Brady

         Welcome to 3-106       

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                                                       3rd Grade
                                  Third Trimester Schedule

Math     -  Wednesday, June 5th
ELA       -   Thursday, June 6th 
Religion -   Friday, June 7th  

      What to Study

Religion                                           ELA                                          Math
Sacraments  - chapt. 15                 helping verbs                         Chapter 9
The Mass - chapt. 17                     verb tenses                  (Properties and Equations)
                                                  irregular plurals                      Chapter 10         
                                                   pronouns                               (Fractions)                 
                                                  possessive pronouns               Chapter 11 
                                                    preposition                         (Measurement)
                                                                                                Chapter 12     
                                                                                            (Represent Data)


The 3rd grade enjoyed learning about life cycles and watching our chicks hatch and grow. 

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