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The Mass – Study guide
Chapter 17

Introductory Rite
We prepare to listen to God’s word and celebrate the Eucharist.

1) Processional to the Altar - Priests, deacons, readers, Eucharistic ministers and readers walk to the altar. As they do, we all sing an opening song.
2) The priest welcomes us as God’s people. With the priest we all make the sign of the cross.
3)The priest remind us that we need God’s forgiveness - Penitential rite - We pray either ( I confess to almighty God ... or, Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy …)
4) We pray or sing the Gloria ( Glory to God in the highest …..)
5) The priest says the opening prayer.

Liturgy of the Word
The part of the Mass when we listen and respond to God’s Word.

1) First Reading – The reader, called the lector reads the first reading. It is from the Old Testament.
2) Responsorial Psalm The responsorial Psalm is from the Old Testament, from the The book of Psalms. It can be read or sung.
3) The Second Reading The lector reads the second reading. It is from the New Testament. It is only read on Sundays and Holy Days.
4) The Gospel Is read by the priest or deacon.
5) The Homily -The priest or deacon gives the homily. The priest or deacon helps us to understand the three readings and what they mean in our lives. How Jesus want us to live.
6) The Profession of Faith – We all stand and state our beliefs by saying the Creed. (We believe in one God, the Father, The Almighty ….)
7) The Prayer of The Faithful We pray for our Church. We ask for God’s help for our leaders, our family, and friends, and all those who are sick or in need. We pray for all those who have died. After each request we respond “ Lord hear our prayer” or a similar response.

Liturgy of the Eucharist
During this part of the Mass, the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.
Preparation of the Gifts
1) The altar is prepared
2) Members of the assembly bring the bread, wine and our gifts for the poor and for our church are brought to the altar.

Prayer Over the Gifts

The priest asks God to bless and accept our gifts. We offer these gifts to God. We offer our whole lives to God.

The Eucharistic Prayer
This prayer is the most important prayer of the Mass. It is the great prayer of praise and thanksgiving. The priest prays this prayer in our name, to the Father, through Jesus Christ.
1) Through this prayer we are united with Jesus Christ.
2) The priest recalls all that God has done for us.
3) We sing the Holy, Holy, Holy.
4) The priest calls on the Power of the Holy Spirit to make these gifts holy.
5) The priest says and does what Jesus did at the Last Supper.
6) The priest consecrates the bread and wine which becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus
7) We proclaim our belief that Jesus is present among us by saying “Save us Savior of the
world….”, or another similar memorial acclamation. (Christ has died, Christ has risen…. or When we eat this bread and drink this cup……)
8) We say or sing the Amen. Together we are saying, “Yes, we believe”

The Communion Rite
1) We say the Our Father. 4) We receive Holy Communion.
2) We offer each other a Sign of Peace. 5) We sit in silence, and then say a closing prayer
3) The priest breaks the bread, while
we sing the Lamb of God. 6) The remaining Consecrated bread, or hosts
are placed in the Tabernacle.

The Concluding Rite
Reminds us to continue praising and serving God each day

1) The priest says a final prayer, thanking God for the Eucharist.
2) He blesses us.
3) The priest or deacon sends us out into the world. He says “Go in Peace, to love and serve the world”, or something similar.


The Real Presence - Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist.
The Blessed Sacrament -The Eucharist that is kept in the Tabernacle. It is the consecrated bread.
Tabernacle - A special place in the Church where the Blessed Sacrament is kept.
The Lord - Another word for Jesus Christ.