Scrip Fundraising Program

Scrip Fundraising Program

The Scrip Fundraising Program is one of the mandatory fundraising activities for all families.  We call it "effortless fundraising" because, with simple planning, it involves no incremental expense to families. For further information, forms, and vendors, please go to the Fundraising Tab and click on the Scrip Link.

Amendment to the Scrip Fundraising Program

Over the past few years the Scrip program has raised in excess of $100,000 for our school. These funds have been used for technology upgrades, for the purchase of new desks and to help keep our tuition the lowest of the Catholic Schools in our area!!! This no-cost fundraiser remains a vital part of the School’s operating budget.

As this program is administered entirely by volunteers, it is important that each family participate in a timely manner so we can budget and plan accordingly. Given the increasing number of late payments and failure to meet the minimum purchase requirements in a timely manner we are amending the program as outlined below.

1) For those who wish to participate in the program, it will continue as it has in years past. Forms will come home on Tuesday, are due back on Wednesday and gift cards will be sent home on Thursdays through school. The minimum required purchase will is $1,450

 2) If on the last day of the present school year your family had not met its obligation to purchase the minimum $1,450 in Scrip gift cards or you had not opted to buy-out of the program, your upcoming November tuition payment will include a $100 charge for this year representing an automatic buy-out for the current school year. Please note, the charge will be a lump sum payment and will not be spread over the remainder of this year’s tuition. If you wish to still participate in the program and choose to purchase gift cards, once you reach the $1,450 minimum you will be refunded the $125 buy-out charge, if not, your obligation is considered satisfied by the aforementioned charge. If your family will be charged the $125 in November you will receive a letter through school in late September.

) The opt-out program will also be modified as such: those wishing to opt-out of the SCRIP program will be required to do so by the second week of October by submitting the attached form AND enclosing a check for $125 made out to St Rose of Lima SCRIP. Please note: those families that do not make the required opt out election and submit their check by October 13th, or meet minimum purchase requirements by the end of the present school year, will be subject to a $300 buy-out charge for the current school year and then will be subject to the automatic $125 charge for the following school year, as described in note 1 above. We will no longer offer a grace period with increasing late fees.

 We hope those of you who have supported this program continue to do so. Please send the attached form back to school by October 8th stating your election. If you have any questions regarding this change or the program in general, please feel free to contact Jennifer Baydian at 516-620-0236.

Scrip Program Coordinators 
Dina Petrillo, Laura Fregara, and Diane Bonica