5th Grade Terrariums

5th Grade Terrariums
Posted on 05/06/2016
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Mr. Torgesen Helped 5th Grade Learn More About Ecosystems!

To prepare for this lesson students observed leaves and seeds to better understand the importance of these parts of a plant. Mr. Torgesen then modeled how to create a terrarium out of empty soda bottles. Terrariums are a closed environment that simulates the stages of the water cycle.  The students cut their recycled soda bottles in half, placed gravel at the bottom for drainage, then inserted a layer of soil.  They planted a polka dot plant in the soil and then added a little water.  After sealing the water bottle back up they brought it home to observe the plant process of transpiration.  The plant will water itself through transpiration and condensation.  

We are grateful that Mr. Torgesen donated his time and talent to help the 5th grade students learn more about terrariums as a self contained ecosystem.   Additional photos can be found on Mrs. Halpin's page Click here to view them