School Closing

In the event school is closed because of situations that necessitate closing, the information will be announced on the following stations:

  • On your home telephone number and on the mother/father's cell phone number as provided to school via the Emergency Phone System process. If you need to update your contact numbers for the school's automated emergency phone system, you should send a note in with your child or call the school office.
  • On News 12 Long Island --- cable television
  • On the school's website:
  • On the school's voice mail:  516-541-1546

In the event of a delayed opening, walkers should arrive no earlier than 10:05 and no later than 10:20.  Buses will be at their respective bus stop two hours later than the usual time. 

Delayed Opening For Nursery and PreK
Prek students may be dropped off at 10:05 - 10:20 and the PM session will start at its usual time.
Nursery session will not be held. 

If there is a delayed opening for the Massapequa School District, there will be a delayed opening for St. Rose of Lima School. 

However, it is imperative for parents who do not reside in the Massapequa School District area check with their residential school district to determine the status of transportation and the time for school openings from their school district.